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Neutered Male
Long Hair (DLH) Orange

Approximate date of birth: April 2012
Origin: Stray

"I spent my early life living as a feral cat on the streets. My life improved greatly once I arrived at CDHS and the patience of everyone turned me from feral cat to friendly cat. In spite of my FIV Status, I am fit, furry and fabulous. I am a sweet and social boy and get along well with my other FIV roommate."

Beemer is a neutered male Long Hair (DLH) Orange with an approximate birth date of April 2012. He came to live at CDHS as a stray. Beemer has tested positive for the FIV Virus.

This animal's adoption fee is $29 and includes:
Current Vaccinations
Vet Clinic Visit
Bag of Food
Nail Trim