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Dog Walking Class

Saturday, April 12

CDHS holds a volunteer dog walker's class designed to introduce
our volunteers to the proper way of handling and walking the shelter dogs. This
one-hour session is free and is required for any volunteer who wants to walk
dogs at CDHS.

Owner of Positive Motivational Obedience, Betsy Hamkens, originated the class
at CDHS and continues to be a volunteer trainer, along with Danielle Hanna.
Danielle introduces the volunteers to things like the proper way to get a dog
in and out of his kennel, the correct way to take a dog in and out of the
building past other dogs and walkers, how to use positive praise, what commands
to use and what tone of voice to speak in,
the proper types of leashes and collars to use on the dogs, winter and summer
safety, and age requirements for volunteers.

"The class is very helpful in making sure that our volunteer and our dogs
are safe," said Hanna.   "Many people comment that they
feel more comfortable and confident handling the dogs after they go through the

Besides safety, another reason that everyone need to attend the class is to
make sure that the dogs are given commands and handled in a consistent manner,
no matter who is walking them. "It's pretty important that we are all on
the same page," Hanna said. "Our goal is to be consistent with
commands and treatment of the dogs. This makes things less confusing for the
dogs and they learn more quickly how to behave. And, hopefully, their good
behavior makes them a more adoptable animal."

Danielle Hanna and Mandy Schaaf lead the dog walking class for CDHS volunteer
dog walkers. This training is designed to help all dog walkers be safe and
consistent in their handling of the dogs; and hopefully, helping our dogs
become obedient and more adoptable. Training sessions are scheduled for the
second and fourth Saturday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the lobby of the CDHS
dog building. Dog walkers must pre-register by calling the shelter at 667-2020
during office hours of 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and leaving a
message for Mandy Schaaf, CDHS Volunteer Coordinator or emailing Mandy at
The class will be limited to 15 participants and does fill up. We prefer those
who take the dog walking class plan to visit the shelter on an ongoing basis
rather than using the class for hours needed for specific one-time
projects.  If families are interested in attending the dog walking class
those under 14 will NOT be allowed to hold the leash and a parent or guardian
must accompany them in the class and while interacting with the dogs.