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Heartwarming support during past year

by SUE BUCHHOLZ, Shelter Director

As we start 2016, still recovering from a very busy December, it’s comforting to look back at all the heartwarming support we have received throughout the past year. Our faithful donors have once again made sure that we end our year in the black and not that nasty red column! We constantly worry throughout the year that the resources will come in to cover expenses, and I am delighted to report that we have done just that. It’s no easy task, I can assure you! And unless someone near and dear to us wins that Mega Powerball lottery, I am positive our penny pinching will continue. But that’s OK, we are pretty good at it!

We are always looking for new ways to raise funds, as all nonprofits are. Competition for donor dollars is a constant reality, and there are many worthwhile causes that need the public’s support to survive. We just need to take a hard look at what kind of community we want to build, and do our best to support the causes that touch us personally. Animals make that easy. They melt our hearts and tug at emotions that run very deep. When we have supporters like you, it warms us all on the coldest of days knowing we can continue to provide a warm, soft bed, nutritious food, and basic and/or emergency medical care to cats and dogs that have no one advocating for them. The rewards can be seen here every day, in hundreds of faces. I hope you take comfort and satisfaction in the role each of you play to make this a reality.

As our newly established Endowment fund grows, it will provide a source of income via interest earned without touching the principal investment. It provides a wonderful tax break for donors and is a visionary fund for the future of CDHS. What a long way we have come!

The Building fund is another investment that is growing slowly but steadily. Unless donations are designated specifically for the building fund, we first must take care of everyday expenses. Once operational costs are covered, (and most years we are in the red until December) the Board then decides what “extra” funds to transfer to the building fund. We have a long way to go before we are ready to break ground without taking on massive debt, but we will keep that brass ring in our sights. I can’t predict when, (unless again, Powerball!) but short of winning the lottery, we are going to take the slow but steady route. We remain undeterred and confident we will make a new facility a reality sooner than later.

We continue to build our supporter base, and I have to think Facebook has played a major role in this. We have reached 7,000 “likes” and growing! It’s true a picture is worth a thousand words and our shelter kids are photogenic and adorable, every single one! Every snapshot raises awareness of the animals available for adoption, and we can see a definite migration of people choosing adoption instead of “buying” from random sources. This is a welcome shift, and it’s nice to see consciousness raised and more people supporting shelters and rescues. Shelters and rescues small and large working tirelessly to care for and rehome animals in immediate and dire need. One line in our mission statement that has always stood out for me is, “to help bring about a time when no more abused and/or abandoned animals will be destroyed anywhere.” It’s a massive task but one I am proud to be chipping away at every single day, with the help of some very determined employees, dedicated volunteers and visionary financial supporters with very big hearts. We are truly blessed.